P3 Times 

The War Against Liberty: America Under Siege by Public Private Partnerships

Without a vote of the public, P3s enable government entities to lease out our essential American infrastructure to corporations who then tell us when we can use them and for how much.

What Assets Are We Talking About

The assets are usually those that have already been paid for by taxpayers, such as roads, water, transportation systems, schools, and prisons. P3s can also be used to take over private land through eminent domain for the purpose of building a toll road that is operated by a private company. Equally concerning are the P3s between the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, DOD and FDA with private corporations. 

Why Should I Care

P3s enable the theft of our American liberty without anyone needing to raise a single weapon against us. The weapon that is used is often a lengthy contract. With a stack of paper as the enforcement tool, the public is managed by corporations, and many are foreign. These companies are given control of our essential assets. 


Today we live in "P3 times". Most of us just don't know it. Hopefully this website will change that so that you can help stop the P3 takeover of our constitutional liberties. 

P3Times.com provides timely information and resources to explain the pervasive attack on American liberty under the disguise of Public Private Partnerships (P3s). Most people are not familiar with the term "P3" unless they are either fighting against one or are a corporation or politician trying to sell one.

For our Kids: Let's Stop the P3 Takeover